Senin, 06 Juli 2015

How to Fix Force Close in Android Smartphone

1) Limit the use of Apps, Widgets and Live Wallpapers

Do not always fall asleep with the greatness of Android, there is a wide variety of applications that have sometimes made us want to try, but try naturally only. If it was not required, meaning no need for us tide, because in the future it would only be a burden your Android smartphone.

2) Always Install Official Android Apps

That is the official application here is an application that is derived from its publisher. For example, if you want to install WhatsApp, make sure the installation file (APK) was indeed issued by WhatsApp, instead of source or modified other people, because there could be some changes made by certain elements that can be detrimental to your Android.

3) Do not Root Android if you dont need

Yes, Android Rooting it has become a common activity Android users, but it also Rooting is quite crucial. Because if we do not really know about Rooting and what does it do, this will cause the loss of your Android perform.

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